Artist Bio

Jasmine Lynea is a writer, director, editor, videographer and educator. Born and raised in Teaneck, NJ, Jasmine however, resides in Philadelphia, PA, where she teaches high-school students film and video.

Jasmine's award-winning work has displayed in museums like the Barnes Foundation and the Perelman Building, as well as, participated in various film festivals across the United States, such as Blackstar Film Festival, Hip Hop Film Festival, Langston Hughes Film Festival and many more. She has collaborated with artist who campaign political and social change. Her collaborations include works with Filipino artist and partner Annielille Gavino (Malayaworks), award-winning journalist Sofiya Ballin, educator and choreographer Dawn Bazemore and Moves Philly, a QTPOC centered collective.

Jasmine Lynea's filmography focuses on social change in raising awareness, while also preserving history and challenging racism, sexism and other unjust treatments. Since the completion of her second short-film, The Mixtape; Stay Black, Baby! Jasmine has begun a new personal project that will fulfill her mission, a film series centered on raising awareness to social issues, like mental health and other oppressions towards marginalized communities. The film series will be called The Bottomlands-- named after the setting in author Toni Morrison's novel Sula.


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